Emily M Miller Brown Fekete

1863 - 1940

By Roger Kemps  © 2009


Emily M Miller was born on October 2, 1863 in St. Louis, Missouri. She died in St. Louis, Missouri on September 21, 1940 and is entombed in the Oak Grove Mausoleum in St. Louis, Missouri.


Her siblings were:


           Oscar Miller  (1857 - 19??)

           Pauline Julia Miller  (5/11/1860 - 10/23/1943)

           Albert J Miller (5/6/1864 - 11/24/1924)

           Mary Ryan

           Kate Ryan

           Louisa Ryan (1871 - 3/7/1880)

           Thomas Patrick Ryan  11/6/1873 - 19??)

           John W Ryan (1876 - 12/291916)

           Julia Ryan (3/28/1879 - 4/6/1960)


Her parents were:


           George Miller (18?? – 1867)

Louisa Briehl Miller Ryan (12/22/1835 - 3/13/1926)


George Miller died in 1867. The 1870 Census shows Emma (Emily), at 7, living in St. Louis with her mother and three siblings. Later in 1870, Emily’s mother, Louisa, married Patrick Ryan. Patrick died in 1881.


Emily (or Emma) M (believed to be for Mary) Miller was born in St. Louis, Missouri on October 2, 1863. She was married for the first time, at age 16, to Mr. Shaft. He must have died shortly thereafter. In late 1880, she married Walter P Brown (9/8/1855 – 9/23/1919). Walter was the son of James A Brown (1821 - ?) and Annie Peet (1828 -?), both from England. Walter was also born in England along with his five brothers and three sisters. All had the middle initial of P, presumably for Peet. See the 1880 Census for additional details. Walter began working for the Branch - Crookes (Saw) Company in 1872 when he was sixteen and continued to work there, as a traveling salesman, through 1893. Emily and Walter had two children:


·      Ann Louise Baer was born in St. Louis on August 5, 1882. She was named after her two grandmothers. In 1904 she married Samuel H Baer (1/4/1876 - 12/1966). (Samuel can be found in many years of the St. Louis City Directories). Samuel and Ann had no children. Ann died in St. Louis in February of 1974.

·      Emily M Brown was born in May of 1884 and was named after her mother.


The St. Louis City Directories indicate Walter’s occupation and the addresses where the family lived, as follows:


1880 – 1881 at 1613 Salisbury with Walter’s parents; clk.

1881 at 1634 Wright; clk. Branch, Crookes & Co.

1884 at 2714 Sheridan Avenue; trav.

1885 at 1520 Mallinckrodt; clk. Branch, Crookes & Co.

1886 at 1900 Olive; clk. Branch, Crookes & Co.

1887 at 1919 Lucas Avenue, along with Emily’s mother and younger siblings; trav. Branch, Crookes & Co.

1888 at 3111 ½ N. 19th; clk. Branch-Crookes Saw Co.

1889 at 3111 ½ N. 19th; trav. Branch-Crookes Saw Co.

1890 – 1893 at 2343 St. Louis Avenue; trav. Branch-Crookes Saw Co..

1900 at 2830 Dayton; trav. Lumbermen’s Saw  & Knife Works. (The 1900 Census shows Walter, Emily and the two girls, living at 3626 Blaine Avenue).

1901 at 3626 Blaine Avenue; (J. P. Brown & Bro.).

1902 at 3626 Blaine Avenue; trav. E. C. Atkins & Co.

1903 – 1904 at 3626 Blaine Avenue; trav.

1905 at 3624 Blaine Avenue; trav.

1906 – 1907 at 4017 Lindell Blvd; trav.

1908 at 4319 Lindell Blvd; salesman.

1915 – 1916 at 4333 Laclede Avenue.

1917 at 4333 Laclede Avenue; trav.


In 1919, Emily and Walter were living at 31 Dartford Avenue. Walter P Brown died on September 23, 1919. See his Death Certificate for details. Emily’s daughter, Ann Louise Baer, and her son-in-law, Samuel H. Baer, then moved in with her and they were all there in 1923.


About 1925, Emily married her third husband, Thomas Louis Fekete. For a while, she and Thomas lived on Signal Hill Blvd. in the Centerville Township of St. Clair County, Illinois (just south of East St. Louis). The 1930 Census provides additional details. Thomas died on October 6, 1935 at the age of 79. The 1940 Census shows Emily living alone at 269 N. Union Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri.


Emily M Miller Shaft Brown Fekete died on September 21, 1940 at the Congress Hotel in St. Louis. At the time, she had been living at 275 N. Union Blvd with her daughter, Ann Louise Baer, and son-in-law, Samuel H Baer. Emily is entombed at the Oak Grove Mausoleum in St. Louis. See her Death Certificate for details.


Reference files:


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Walter Brown Death Certificate.pdf

Emily Fekete Death Certificate.pdf




































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