Additional Guidance


  Moving Up the Tree

Moving up the tree with the right arrow needs no explanation. It moves up one generation.


 Moving Down the Tree

Moving down the tree with a left arrow will display all the known children. To force this display, it may be necessary to move right and then come back left. The left arrow moves down one generation.


 Tree Symbol

The tree symbol takes you to that individual in the (horizontal) tree display.


 Source Symbol

The source symbol will display the source information from the author’s GEDCOM file.


 Notes Symbol

The notes symbol will display the notes information from the author’s GEDCOM file.


Links in the Tree Display

Clicking on an individual in the (horizontal) tree will display the (vertical) Family Group Descendant Tree for that individual.


Truncated Data in the Tree Display

Data in the (horizontal) tree may be truncated. If so, refer to the (vertical) Family Group Descendant Tree.


Photo Thumbnails

Clicking on a photo thumbnail will display the photo page for the individual.


Other Spouses

To display the information, about another spouse (and additional children), follow the tree link to the (vertical) Family Group Descendant Tree. Then, select the name listed after “Other Spouses.”  Click the tree symbol to view the horizontal tree view.


Find an Individual

The easiest way to find a known individual is to use the Surname Index. Click on the link for the surname and all individuals with that surname will display. The link for the individual will take you to the (vertical) Family Group Descendant Page. Alternately, the tree symbol for the individual takes you to the (horizontal) tree page.



Every page has an Index link that will bring you back to the starting page.


Other Features

Other features are self explanatory.