Helen Francis Hammond Wright

1858 - 1885


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With contributions from William Worth Kemps Jr. and William Wayne McCall.



Helen Francis Hammond was born on August 22, 1857 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She died on May 7, 1885, at age 27, in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Her parents were:


·      Rezin R. Hammond (1828 – 1897) born in Indiana. His father was Rev. Rezin Hammond, born in Maryland.

·      Martha Francis Howland Hammond (7/1832 – 5/1903) was born in New York. Martha’s father was Powell Howland (1799 – 1878) and she was descended from George Soule, a Mayflower passenger.


Helen had one sister, Julia S. Hammond (12/28/1852 - 5/17/1873), who married Charles W. Moody on December 13, 1870. They had one child, Charley Moody, who died at the age of 10 months on July 14, 1872. Julia died on May 17,  1873 and was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.


In 1820, the Rev. Rezin Hammond purchased 240 acres for his son, Rezin R. Hammond, in what was then called Sugar Grove Flats. There was only a small cabin on the property until 1850 when Rezin R. Hammond built an amazing 16 room Victorian home on the property. The address evolved to become 4150 Central Avenue in Indianapolis.



Helen and her sister grew up in this house. The family lived in this house until 1882, rented it out for another 10 years and sold it to the Wright family in 1892. For additional information about the house, see Houseart.pdf, Lot at 4150 Central Has Changed Hands Only Twice and Indianapolis Then and Now.



Helen was descended from Mayflower pilgrim George Soule. The thread is: Helen Hammond -> Martha Francis Howland -> Powell Howland -> Elisha Howland -> Edward Howland -> Samuel Howland -> Sarah Soule -> William Soule -> George Soule -> GEORGE SOULE


In August of 1875, Helen accompanied her cousin, aunt, and grandparents on a month long trip to New York to visit relatives and to take in a number of places of interest.


Helen married Worth Wright (1/1851 – 3/22/1904) of Indianapolis , Indiana, possibly in 1882.


Worth and Helen had one child:


           Edna Hammond Wright Kemps (1/24/1885 – 7/10/1954)


Edna was born at 181 Park Avenue in Indianapolis. Helen died when Edna was 3 ½ months old.


Helen Francis Hammond Wright died on May 7, 1885 and was buried on May 10, 1885 in Crown Hill Cemetery (Section 36 Lot 156) in Indianapolis, Indiana. For an image of her headstone, see this link.


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The following photographs were provided by Wayne McCall






Hammond_Wright_house.jpg  house originally built by Rezin Hammond.

Houseart.pdf  newspaper article about the Hammond Wright house.

homestead.jpg  the Powell Howland (Helen’s grandfather) family farm house.

1streunion.jpg This photo was taken on the 50th Anniversary of the Powell Howland family arrival in Indianapolis and includes Edna, Worth, Martha, Elisha J. Howland (Martha’s brother), Charles Abraham Howland (Martha's brother) and other descendants of Powell Howland, Helen’s grandfather.

1streunion_ID.jpg  above photo with identifications, courtesy of Shirley Kelly.

bathers.jpg  Charles Berry Howland (Martha’s nephew), Mary Wright Howland and an unknown at the beach in 1922.

lgfamgp.jpg  large Howland family group includes Edna, Worth & Martha.

lgfamgp2.jpg  large Howland family group includes Edna, Worth & Martha.

2GonSWNG.jpg  two unidentified women on a swing.

two_girls.jpg  believed to be Helen Hammond and her older sister, Julia.

Gdk_bkgd.jpg  believed to be Helen Hammond.

1Mw_hat.jpg  an unidentified man.

M_horses.jpg  an unidentified man with horses.



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