Probate Summary of the James McClurken Estate

By: Roger Kemps © 2009


When James McClurken died on October 8, 1875, he had the following assets:

·        $378.35 in Goods, Chattels and Personal Property

·      $1935.95 in loans to five individuals

·      $2060.00 for five real estate parcels totaling 187 acres


After expenses, Sarah McClurken, his widow, received:

·       $378.35  for the value of the personal property

·       $377.40  for the “widow’s award” in two installments

·       $395.41  as a one-third portion of the balance


Each of his eight surviving children received a one-eighth portion of the remaining two-thirds of the balance:

·        $98.85  to Elizabeth (McClurken) McKelvey

·        $98.85  to Nancy (McClurken) Owens

·        $98.85  to John R. McClurken

·        $98.85  to David W. McClurken

·        $98.85  to Sarah (McClurken) Walker

·        $98.85  to James H. McClurken, Jr.

·        $98.85  to Andrew T. McClurken

·        $98.85  to Clara (McClurken) Kemps


In addition, it appears that two parcels, valued at $250, became part of the estate in settlement of the James and Mary Maning debt.

The disposition of all of the real estate was not addressed in the probate records.


For copies of the probate records obtained from the Washington County Clerk, box 78, see:



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