John Johnston McClurkin

1813 – 1907

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The following was copied from the Sketches of Ministers section on pages 580 through 582 of "History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America."




Son of John and Elizabeth (Park) McCIurkin, was born near Rocky Creek, Chester District, South Carolina, June 6, 1813. He received his early education in the schools of his native district, and entered South Carolina College, Columbia, where he remained until his junior year. In the fall of 1833, he removed to Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois, and the following year resumed his studies, and graduated from the University of Indiana in 1836. He studied theology privately under the direction of Revs. Samuel McKinney and William Sloane, was licensed by the Illinois Presbytery, April 6, 1841, and attended the Allegheny Seminary one session. He was ordained by the Illinois Presbytery, and installed pastor of the united congregations of Princeton, Gibson County, and Walnut Ridge, Washington County, Indiana, June 2, 1843. He was released from Princeton, May 22, 1849, and from Walnut Ridge, April 10, 1851. He preached for two years in Southern Illinois as a Missionary, and also among the New School Covenanters and Associate Reformed brethern. He was installed pastor of the united congregations of Springfield, Greenville and Sandy Lake, Balm, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, September 8, 1854, and resigned this charge, October 14, 1873, and filled appointments for seven years. He was installed pastor of the Garrison congregation, Glenwood, Fayette County, Indiana, August 14, 1880, and resigned March 13, 1884. In 1885, he became stated supply to the congregation of Clarksburgh, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, where he is in charge. He was married four times. First to Miss S. A. Waddle, of Princeton, Indiana, July 29, 1839; second to Miss Maria Ferguson, of Walnut Ridge, Indiana, October 16, 1843; third to Mrs. Maria (Patton) Stevenson, of Sparta, Illinois, June l0, 1852; and fourth to Miss L. J. Ewing, of Bloomington, Indiana, April 5, 1881.


The following was copied from page 193 of "Sketches of the Ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America from 1888 to 1930."



J. J. MCCLURKIN, whose biographical sketch is carried forward to the year 1888 in Glasgow's History, was at that time serving as stated supply in the Clarksburg, Pennsylvania, congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. He took up work in that place in 1885. He completed seven years of service in this congregation and then retired from active labors, making his residence in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, and serving the Lord as his physical strength and opportunity afforded. He resided in his home in this place until he had reached the advanced age of 93 years, 64 of these years having been spent as an ordained minister of Jesus Christ. He died
February 28, 1907, and was buried in the New Alexandria Cemetery. He was a faithful minister of Jesus Christ and was devoted whole-heartedly to the principles of his Church, in which he had held his membership and which he had served as a minister for so long. He was unmoved by all the defections through which the church had passed and said, even when those near and dear to him changed their views, "I stand where I have always stood." He was a diligent student and a faithful preacher and pastor. A long, long life of service, as we count it by the years of time, but exceedingly short as he has long since learned, having entered into life in the timeless ages of Eternity.


For additional information related to his parents and siblings, see the Outline Descendant Report of Thomas McClurken and the Ancestor Tree.


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