Julia Ryan Kemps

1879 - 1960

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Julia Ryan was born on March 28, 1879 at 2018 Orange Alley in St. Louis, Missouri. She died in Los Angeles, California on April 6, 1960 and is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.


Her siblings were:


           Oscar Miller  (1857 - 19??)

Pauline Julia Miller  (5/11/1860 - 10/23/1943)

           Emily M Miller (10/2/1863 - 9/21/1940)

           Albert J Miller (5/6/1864 - 11/24/1924)

           Mary Ryan

           Kate Ryan

           Louisa Ryan (1871 - 3/7/1880)

           Thomas Patrick Ryan  (11/6/1873 - 19??)

           John W Ryan (1876 - 12/29/1916)


Her parents were:


           Patrick Ryan (1833 - 12/5/1881)

Louisa Briehl Miller Ryan (12/22/1835 - 3/13/1926)


The 1880 Census, first enumeration, shows Julia living with her parents and three brothers: Albert Miller, Thomas P. Ryan and John W. Ryan. They were living at 2018 Orange Alley (between Lucas Avenue and Morgan) in St. Louis, Missouri. (2018 Orange Alley is the same as rear 2019 Lucas Avenue). Her father was a conductor on the horse drawn street cars.


The 1880 Census, second enumeration, shows Julia living with her parents and four brothers: Oscar Miller, Albert Ryan, Thomas Ryan and John Ryan. They were at the same address.


When Julia was less than three years old, on December 5, 1881, her father died at age 48. At that time, the family was living at 2207 Lucas Avenue. Julia’s step brother, Albert Miller, lived with them and provided the financial support for the family from 1882 through 1893. The St. Louis City Directories indicate that Julia’s mother, step brother, Albert (through 1893), and the children then lived at the following address:


1882 – 1883 at 2207 Lucas Ave.

1884 – 1886 at 2107 Lucas Ave.

1887 at 1919 Lucas Ave.

1888 at 2340 Market

1890 at 2132 Clark Ave.

1891 – 1893 at 2117 Clark Ave.

1894 at 4747 Leduc

1895 at 4623 Kennerly Ave.

1896 at 4307 Cote Brilliante Ave.

1898 at 4531 Garfield Ave.

1901 at 4747 Leduc


Julia shows up in the 1898 St. Louis City Directory. She was working as a clerk and living with her mother at 4531 Garfield Avenue, as indicated above.


The following picture shows Julia Ryan and Luther Kemps in a group of about thirty six people, primarily in couples.



The back of the picture reads “To Julia from Luther March 28, 1899.” One man holds a pointer and is presumable a teacher or the leader of the group; however, the purpose or affiliation of the group is unknown.


A blow-up of the above


Julia married Luther James Kemps  (2/25/1876 – 11/22/1935) on October 15, 1902 in the Wagoner Place United Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. They had two children:


           (Clara) Louise Byrne (8/10/1905 - 2/8/1966)

           Samuel Harold Kemps (7/12/1907 - 7/7/1984)


Julia in her 20s


The St. Louis City Directories show that in 1903, Luther was a salesman for the St. Louis Dairy Company and the family was living at 1101 Glasgow Avenue. In 1904, Luther was a driver and they lived at 2808 Gamble. In 1906, Luther was a carpenter and the family, including Julia’s mother, Louisa Ryan, was living at 1463A Arlington Avenue (Clara Louise was born there in 1905). In 1907 and 1908, they were all living at 4722 Kennerly Avenue (currently Northland Avenue) where Samuel was born. Julia’s mother was not with them in 1908.


Julia and Louise in 1908

In 1909, they were living at 2364 Bernays Avenue. In 1910 and 1911, they were living at 4806 Maffitt Avenue (the 1910 Census is consistent). Luther was a partner in Kohl & Kemps (carpenters) at 15 N. Theresa Avenue. In 1912, the family lived at 1443 Burd Avenue. In 1913 and 1914, the family was still living at 1443 Burd Avenue; however, Luther was now a chauffer for Julia’s half sister, Pauline Miller Rutledge.  In 1915 through 1917, the family was living at 5355 Theodosia Avenue and Luther was still chauffeuring. Later in 1917, they moved to 2082 W. Greenleaf Avenue in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, Illinois. Luther appears in the 1917 Chicago City Directory as a chauffer. In 1918, Julia’s brother, Thomas Patrick Ryan, registered for the draft and listed his address as 2082 W. Greenleaf Avenue. He listed his mother, Louisa Ryan, as his next of kin, also living at the same address.


The 1920 Census shows Luther and Julia and the two children living at 2082 W. Greenleaf Avenue. Luther was a salesman for the Stocten (sp) Company working “on own account” (commission). The 1923 Chicago City Directory shows the family living at 2320 Greenleaf Avenue and Luther was a salesman.


Julia and Louisa and Louise about 1925


Samuel, Julia, Luther and Louise



Julia in her late 40s


The 1930 Census shows Luther, Julia and son, Samuel, renting a house at 1744 W. Arthur Avenue. Both Luther and Samuel were selling auto insurance.


Julia, Chess (son-in-law), Luther, Louise, Samuel & grandson, Charles, about 1930


During the depression, the family lost their savings when the bank failed. When their son, Samuel, was married in June of 1935, Julia and Luther moved in with their daughter, (Clara) Louise Byrne, and her family at 6052 N. Albany Avenue. It is uncertain whether Luther and Julia were planning to move to California later in the year.


On Thanksgiving Day (November 22nd) of 1935, Luther suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and subsequently passed away.


In about 1938, Julia moved to Los Angeles, California along with her daughter, Louise, and her family. She lived with them there for twenty two more years.  The 1940 Census shows them living at 5027 Axtell Street.  When she died, they were living at 3822 Hellman Avenue.


Julia about age 75


Julia Ryan Kemps died on April 6, 1960 in Los Angeles, California and is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery. To see an image of the headstone, see this link.


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