Lois Caroline Meyer

1901 - 1982

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Lois Caroline Meyer was born in Oklahoma on April 17, 1901. She died in October of 1982 in Denver, Colorado.


Her parents were William Henry Meyer (February 25, 1874 - March 29, 1944), born in Iowa, and Carolyn Melville McClurken (December 28, 1866 - August 20, 1940) born in Ohio. Carolyn was the daughter of the Reverend Hugh Park McClurken.


Lois had one brother, Waldo McClurken Meyer, who was born on October 8, 1903 and died five months later on March 10, 1904. He is buried in Enid, Oklahoma.


In June of 1900, her parents were living in the Village of Medford in Grant County, Oklahoma. It follows, logically, that this is where Lois was born the following April.


Lois, at the age of 8, shows up in the 1910 Census, along with her parents. They were living on North Market Street in Wichita, Sedgewick, Kansas where her father was a traveling lumber salesman.


Lois, at age 18, is identified as Carrie L. in the 1920 Census and residing in Lamar City, Powers County, Colorado with her parents. Her father was identified as a retail merchant of lumber.


Lois C. appears in the 1930 Census, along with her parents, living in Denver, Colorado. Her father is identified as a lumber salesman and Lois is a musician in an orchestra.


Lois appears in the 1940 Census, along with her parents, living in Denver, Colorado. Her father is identified as an owner and salesman of wholesale lumber and Lois is a statistician for the research bureau.


In a letter, written by Lois, that was republished with the title "McClurken Family in America," she provides the following description of her genealogy beginnings. "My father, Mr. William H. Meyer, began the hobby of family records by making a record of the Meyer family for a reunion. He found it to be so much fun, that following the death of my mother in the fall of 1940, he began building the records of the McClurken family. My mother's maiden name was McClurken. The purpose of the hobby was that we might have a reason to travel, and have an interest in common, as I was an only child. We found this to be such a fascinating hobby, that we began to build a record of the entire McClurken family in America, in addition to my own direct ancestry. I am a descendant of Thomas McClurken, a son of the early family below. This hobby gave us the opportunity to meet and make friends in all sections of the United States. Unfortunately, my father did not live to complete this hobby, as he died in 1944. It was his request that I carry on the hobby, and complete the records, where possible. I am endeavoring to comply with this request."


Lois Meyer succeeded and did extensive research on the McClurkens and many other family names in her ancestry. Her research is well documented and includes 48 different titles/films.  These are available through LDS FamilySearch Centers.  Some of her research was done through correspondence. An example of a response to her appears on page 53 of Narratives of Randolph County. Much was done through travel and study of historical deeds and other documents. She even traveled to Ireland in order to further her research.


The author of  the "Narratives of Randolph County," on page 63, identifies Lois as Genealogist of the "McClurken" Family.  Researchers of the McClurken family frequently quote her research and it is the most comprehensive and authoritative.  She is considered the authority on this and many other families.  A small example is the James McClurkin's family as per Lois C. Meyer.


Christine South Gee, the author of "The Roots and Some of The Branches of The Puckett Family Tree'" provides the following credit, on page 124, regarding the McClurken section: "For much of the information contained in this section, your compiler is indebted to Miss Lois Myers of Kittredge, Colorado, herself a McClurken descendant, and to Mrs. Price R. Reid of Wichita, Kansas, who joined the Daughters of the Colonists on her descent from James McClurken as an Original Landowner. Miss Myers spent some time in the native town of the McClurkins (as they spell it in Ireland), Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, and also traveling over much of the United States gathering information for a book which she is writing."


It is my desire to begin reviewing some of her research regarding the McClurken family. I plan to start with Descendants of John McClurkin and allied families which covers 600 pages on films 547594 & 547595. I hope to follow up with  Craig families of Ireland : also descendants of Robert Houston . . .  on film 547593.


Lois Meyer was a member (#313155) of the Daughters of the American Revolution through her father's ancestor, Joseph Williamson (#A126905). She joined in February 1939. She was also eligible through her mother's ancestor, Thomas McClurken (#A075364).


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