Oakdale, Illinois

By Roger Kemps 2008


Oakdale is a small town in Southern Illinois in Washington County. It is about 10 miles Southwest of Nashville, Illinois (the County Seat) and about 57 miles Southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. Oakdale is located in what is presently called Oakdale Township (after 1883, previously called Elkton Township and also described as T3S, R4W). It is located along the Kaskaskia & Detroit Trail that was created by the French about 1705. For a description of other trails that passed through the area, see History of Oakdale Township pages 2 & 3.


The History of Washington, County, Illinois, published in 1879, provides a description of the founding of Oakdale and biographical sketches of four of the prominent men and pioneers of the precinct, on pages 70 & 71.


The McClurken side of my family came to Oakdale Township from Chester County, South Carolina in 1830. The Kemps side of my family came to Oakdale Township from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about 1862.


A more complete historical reference is the "History of Oakdale Township" at this link. It includes many references to various McClurken and Kemps family members.

For an old picture of the Post Office, see this link.


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