Patrick Ryan

1833 - 1881

By: Roger Kemps 2009


Additional individuals detailed in this document are:


Louisa Ryan

Thomas Patrick Ryan

John W. Ryan


Patrick Ryan was born in County Cork Ireland in 1833. He became a widower after having two children with his first wife. An old family Bible indicates that they were:

      Kate Ryan; see this death certificate for a possible match.

      Mary Ryan; see this death certificate for a possible match.


Patrick and the children (the children may have been born in Missouri) traveled to the United States and settled in St. Louis. City Directories of St. Louis for various earlier years, show Patrick at the following addresses with these occupations:


1864 13 S. 13th near Market hackman

1865 13th between Market and Clark Ave. driver

1868 13 S. 9th carriage driver

1869 13 S. 9th hackman

1870 16 S. 9th driver


Patrick met and married Louisa Briehl Miller in late 1870 or early 1871. Louisa was a widow with four children:

      Oscar Miller was born in 1857 in Missouri.

      Pauline Julia Miller was born on May 11, 1860 in Memphis, Tennessee. She died in Los Angeles, California on October 23, 1943 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

      Emily M. (or Emma) Miller was born in St. Louis, Missouri on October 2, 1863. Emily died on September 21, 1940 in St. Louis. She is entombed at Oak Grove Mausoleum.

      Albert J. Miller was born in Missouri on May 6, 1864. He died on November 24, 1924 and is buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Section 12, Lot 61, Grave 5.


Patrick and Louisa had four more children:


      Louisa Ryan was born in late 1871 and died from phthisis pulmonalis (TB) at the age of eight on March 7, 1880. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Section 001, Row 14, Lot 000L (see note 1).

      Thomas Patrick Ryan was born on November 6, 1873. His WW1 Draft Registration, signed on September 12, 1918, listed his address as 2082 Greenleaf Avenue in Chicago (with his mother and sister, Julia Ryan Kemps' family). He was medium height and build with brown eyes and gray hair. He was a salesman for the Pan. Am. Motors Co. located at 319 Citizen's Bank Bldg. in Decatur, Illinois. He listed his nearest relative as his mother. The 1930 Census found him living in a hotel at Sixth Avenue and Broadway in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was age 56, still single and working as a neon sign salesman. See note 2.

      John W. Ryan was born in 1876. He was married and an insurance agent. He died on December 29, 1916 in the State Hospital in St. Francois County, Missouri. He is buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Section 12, Lot 61, Grave 1. See his death certificate for additional details.

      Julia Ryan was born on March 28, 1879 at 2018 Orange Alley in St. Louis, Missouri. Julia married Luther James Kemps on October 15, 1902. She died in Los Angeles, California on April 6, 1960 and is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.


City Directories of St. Louis, for various later years, show Patrick at the following addresses (see note 3) with these occupations:


1871 16 S. 9th teamster

1874 2023 Christy Ave. rear cardriver

1875 2023 Lucas Ave. rear driver

1876 2021 Morgan rear driver

1877 2023 Orange (Alley) driver

1878 2018 Orange (Alley) driver

1879 2019 Lucas rear driver

1880 2018 Orange (Alley) conductor

1881 2019 Lucas rear conductor


The 1880 Census shows the family living at 2018 Orange Alley in St. Louis, Missouri. The First Enumeration shows Patrick, Louisa, Thomas, John, Julia & Albert. The Second Enumeration shows Patrick, Louisa, Oscar, Albert, Thomas, John & Julia. Patrick was a horse drawn streetcar driver/conductor for the Citizens Railway Company (see note 4). He wore a uniform with brass buttons; there was a winter storm; he did not have his overcoat and he died on December 5, 1881 from rheumatism of the heart. At that time, the family was living at 2207 Lucas Avenue. Patrick was 48 years old and is buried in Calvary Cemetery Section 001, Row 09, Lot 000N, on December 6, 1881 (see note 1).


The 1882 City Directory of St. Louis shows Louisa, as the widow of Patrick, living at 2207 Lucas Ave.

Louisa Briehl Miller Ryan died at the age of 90, on March 13, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Section 12, Lot 61, Grave 6.




1. For the source of Louisa Ryan (8 years old) and Patrick Ryan burial details, see: and search with the name and burial date provided.


2. A thorough search, of the Missouri Digital Heritage Database of Deaths from 1930 1959, found that this individual did not die in Missouri.


3. Orange Alley was between Lucas Avenue and Morgan. Lucas Ave. rear and Morgan rear were actually alternate addresses for Orange Alley. Christy Ave and Lucas Ave. were the same. Morgan has been renamed as Delmar Blvd.


4. For the history of St. Louis Street Cars, see:


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1870_Mary_Kate_Ryan.pdf see lines 37 & 38 for another possibility

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1880_Patrick_Ryan_2.jpg see line 35 (2nd Enumeration)

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Louisa_Ryan_Death_Register_3_7_1880.jpg see line 5



Patrick_Ryan_Death_Register_12_5_1881.jpg see line 18




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