Richard Garnholz Kirkpatrick

1918 – 2000

By Roger Kemps © 2010


Richard Garnholz Kirkpatrick was born on June 2, 1918 in Oakdale, Illinois. He died on December 9, 2000 in Waukegan, Illinois.


His parents were Raymond Pressley Kirkpatrick (1/21/1880 – 6/7/1979) and May Belle Kemps (6/14/1881 - 2/16/1964). They were Scotch-Irish Covenanters and both are buried in Oakdale Cemetery.


Richard was the youngest of three children. His siblings were:


·      Raymond Kemps Kirkpatrick (8/25/1904 – 8/15/1998)

·      Renwick Merle Kirkpatrick (12/22/1907 – 9/13/1980)


The 1920 Census shows Richard living in the town of Oakdale with his parents and two brothers. (Richard is incorrectly listed as Byron R.). His father’s occupation was manager of a cream station.


Richard and the rest of the family lived in Wichita, Kansas for about eight years until 1928. The 1925 Census of Kansas shows Richard living with his parents and two brothers in Wichita. His father was a clerk for a wholesale company and his mother was a music teacher.


After returning to Oakdale, his parents purchased a 160 acre parcel in Section 11, lived on it, and farmed it for many years. His mother also owned the 80 acre parcel in Section 14 (immediately west of Oakdale) where her parent’s home and farm were located.


The 1930 Census shows Richard and his parents living in Oakdale with his grandmother, Clara Amanda McClurken Kemps. His father’s occupation was salesman for a general merchandise store. At the time of the 1930 Census, Renwick Merle Kirkpatrick and his wife, of two years, Blanche, were living in St. Louis, Missouri. Living with them was, older brother, Raymond Kemps Kirkpatrick. Both brothers were druggists.


On August 25, 1938, Richard married Lillian Margaret Hutchinson (6/21/1918 – 8/15/1993). The 1940 Census shows Richard and Lillian living in Waukegan, Illinois with her parents, siblings and grandmother. Richard was working for a farmer. Richard and Lillian remained in Waukegan and had three children. In 1944, Richard went into the US Army during World War 2. He served for 18 months and went overseas. He was in combat and awarded the Silver Star.


After the War, Richard got a job as a ticket seller for the North Shore Line (electric railroad) that ran from Milwaukee to Chicago. About 1953, he transferred to the Chicago Union Station where he stayed for another 14 years. Conditions started to change, so he quit and got a job at a factory in Mundelein, Illinois. After two months, he started to do maintenance work and “found his field.” He had never done anything mechanical before; however, he learned that he had a knack for it and became a maintenance mechanic for the next four years. Then he quit and got a similar job at Ozite Carpeting in Libertyville, Illinois. He stayed there for 12 ½ years and retired at age 65.


The family lived for many years at 407 S Jackson St., in Waukegan, Illinois. Richard also inherited one of his parent's pieces of property in Oakdale, Illinois and owned it as late as 1987. Richard was the past Post Commander and a member of the American Legion Homer Dahringer Post #281 for over 25 years. He was the district Chaplain for four years and was in the Color Guard for many years and marched in numerous parades. He was also a member of the Moose and VFW Organizations. He and Lillian liked to go camping in a pop-up camper. Richard enjoyed golfing and he was an avid bowler at Bertrand Lanes up until he was 78 years of age. In retirement, he continued to enjoy working with his hands. He had a woodshop and accumulated lots of tools. As a service to the community, he tirelessly enjoyed putting up hundreds of flag poles for people in the area.

Lillian Margaret Kirkpatrick died on August 15, 1993 and is buried in Pineview Cemetery (Garden of Honor, Lot E-16, Space 10) in Beach Park, Illinois. Their youngest son, Roy Eugene, died tragically on March 26, 1979, at age 28, and is also buried in Pineview Cemetery (Garden of Honor, Lot E-16, Space 9) in Beach Park, Illinois.


Richard died at home on December 9, 2000 in Waukegan, Illinois. He is buried in Pine View Cemetery (Garden of Honor, Lot E-16, Space 11) in Beach Park, Illinois. He was survived by a daughter and son, five grandchildren and one great grandchild. To see an image of the grave marker, see this link.


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