Sarah Rodman Hood McClurken

1803 - 1884

By: Roger Kemps © 2008



Sarah Rodman was born on June 7, 1803 in Chester County, South Carolina. She died on April 14, 1884 in Oakdale, Illinois.


Her parents were John Rodman (17?? – 1832) and Mary Jane Gillespie (1772 – 18??).


It is believed that Sarah Rodman married James Hood about 1822. They had two children:


·      Mary Jane Hood Sloane was born in 1823 in Chester County, South Carolina. She died on March 10, 1857 in Oakdale, Illinois.

·      Margaret Hood Mitchell was born in 1825 in South Carolina. She died on September 16, 1900 in California.


James Hood died on December 1, 1825 in White Oak, South Carolina.


Sarah Rodman Hood married James McClurken in 1827 in South Carolina. James and Sarah were Scotch-Irish and they were Covenanters. They had two children while living in South Carolina:


·      Thomas J. was born on October 7, 1828. He died on November 27, 1861 and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery (Old Section, Row 4, Grave 3). See his Civil War Service Card.

·      Elizabeth Smith McKelvey was born on October 14, 1830. She died on August 21, 1923 in Randolph County, Illinois.


In 1830, James and his brother, Thomas, moved their families to Washington County, Illinois. (For an explanation of the circumstances associated with the move, see Covenanters). They crossed the Cumberland Gap and traveled by wagon train for six weeks, arriving in May. For a description of the trip, see History of Oakdale Township, pages 4, 8 and 29. It 1831, James purchased 80 acres of Section 14 and 160 acres of Sections 34, of what became Oakdale Township. James and Sarah purchased additional property in Sections 15, 22 and 29 in 1832, 1836, 1837, 1839 and 1852. Near Oakdale, James and Sarah had seven more children:


·      Nancy J. Owens was born on April 10, 1833 and died on May 26, 1899.

·      John Rodman was born in 1836 in Washington County, Illinois. He died on May 2, 1914 in Yakima, Washington.

·      David W. was born in 1839 in Washington County, Illinois. He died on August 4, 1916 and is buried in Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California.

·      Sarah Ellen Walker was born in 1840 in Washington County, Illinois. She died on October 31, 1924.

·      James Hood McClurken, Jr., was born on March 29, 1843 in Oakdale, Illinois. He died on November 13, 1933 and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery (New Section, Row 20, Grave 30).

·      Andrew Todd was born on May 1, 1846 in Washington County, Illinois. He died on March 4, 1922 in Nobby, Missouri.

·      Clara Amanda McClurken Kemps was born in Oakdale, Illinois on June 7, 1849. She died on May 27, 1936 and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery (Old Section, Row 12, Grave 50).


Sarah is mentioned twice in “History of Oakdale Township” (see references):


·      Page 33; RP Church Charter Member

·      Page 121; Section 15 1837-5-5


James and Sarah were Charter Members of the Oakdale Reformed Presbyterian Church that was formed in 1834. It is likely that they participated in the Underground Railroad, along with other members of the congregation, because of their disdain for slavery.


Sarah and James show up in the 1840 Census (Washington County, Illinois), along with their eight children. Living with them was a male between the ages of 20 and 30, possibly James’ younger brother David. Also, in the household was an unknown female between the ages of 5 and 10.


Sarah and James show up in the 1850 Census (District 20 of Washington County, Illinois), along with ten of their children (Mary Jane was not listed).


Sarah and James show up in the 1860 Census (T3S, R4W, Washington County, Illinois), along with five of their children: Thomas, David, James, Andrew and Clara.


Sarah and James shows up in the 1865 Illinois Census (Elkton Township of Washington County, Illinois), along with three of their children: James, Andrew and Clara and a female teenage niece?


The 1870 Census (T3S, R4W, Washington County, Illinois) shows Sarah and James living alone on the farm  (nearest Post Office Ayerspoint).


James died on October 8, 1875. He is buried in Oakdale Cemetery (Old Section, Row 10, Grave 75).


The 1880 Census shows Sarah living with her son, Andrew and his four children, all on his farm in the Elkton Precinct of Washington County, Illinois.


Sarah died on April 14, 1884. See her obituary for details. She is buried in Oakdale Cemetery (Old Section, Row 10, Grave 74). For an image of the headstone, see this link.


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James_1_8_1853_NWQNWQ_S15_T3SR4W.jpg (purchased 8/30/1852)






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