Thaddeus Zwingle McClurkin

1853 – 1890

By: Roger Kemps © 2010


The following information was copied from the Sketches of Ministers section on page 583 of "History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America."




Son of Rev. Dr. H. P.  and Jane (Orr) McClurkin, was born in Norwich, Muskingum County, Ohio, January 31, 1853. He received his early education in the public schools, and in Muskingum College, graduating from Westminster College in 1875. He studied theology in the Allegheny Seminary, and was licensed by the Ohio Presbytery, April 2, 1879. He preached generally throughout the States and the British Provinces. He connected with the Presbyterian Church, November 10, 1884, and preached respectively in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, Beaver Dam and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He married Mrs. Laura L. Coverleigh, of Duncannon, Pennsylvania, March 25, 1885.


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