Probate Summary of the Thomas McClurken (1828 1861) Estate

By: Roger Kemps 2009


When Thomas McClurken died, on November 27, 1861, he had the following assets:

      $305.25 in Goods, Chattels and Personal Property

      $675.35 in loans to four individuals

      $100.00 cash bounty for his Civil War enlistment

      Two parcels of real estate, totaling 136 acres, with a tax valuation of $680


After $201.75 in expenses, each of his eight siblings received an equal portion:

      $88.00 to Elizabeth (Robert) McKelvey

      $88.00 to Samuel Owens, widower of Nancy McClurken Owens

      $88.00 to John R. McClurken

      $88.00 to David W. McClurken

      $88.00 to Sarah (Thomas) Walker

      $88.00 to James H. McClurken, Jr.

      $88.00 to Andrew T. McClurken ($103.44 on May 5, 1870)

      $88.00 to Clara (Samuel) Kemps ($103.44 on May 5, 1870)


It would appear that James and Sarah, his parents, may have also accepted two shares that totaled the remaining $174.85.


The disposition of the real estate was not addressed in the probate records.


The contents of Box 37 were obtained from the Illinois State Archives. The two guardianship documents were in Box 141, obtained from the Washington County Clerk.


For copies of the probate records, see: Thomas_McClurken_1861_Probate_Records.pdf


Last updated 9/16/2009