William Worth Kemps

1913 - 2002

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William Worth “Bud” Kemps was born on September 13, 1913 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He died on July 21, 2002 in Glendale, California.


His parents were:


           William Henry Kemps (10/29/1878 –10/2/1964)

           Edna Hammond Wright (1/24/1885 – 7/10/1954)


His siblings were his twin sister, Kathryn Helen Kemps McCall (9/13/1913 - 2/23/1995), and his older sister, Marian Mildred Kemps Schatz (10/6/1911 - 2/16/1992).


William was born at 2200 Oliver Avenue South, in Lake of the Isle, an upscale sub-division of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father was a milk dealer.


The 1920 US Census shows the family still living at 2200 Oliver Avenue South in Minneapolis. Bud’s father listed his occupation as employer in the ice cream business.


They went to California for a visit around 1921. About that time, the doctor advised Bud’s father that his health was such that he could not survive too many more winters in Minneapolis. They went back in 1922 and 1923 in the winter time and bought a piece of property in Beverly Hills and built a home. The family moved there, about 1924 and stayed in that house for a few years. Barney Oldfield, the race car driver, was one of their neighbors. The actress, Theda Bara, was also their neighbor in Beverly Hills and the children (Bud, Kathryn and probably Marian) went there to play on occasion. Bud’s father bought a Cadillac dealership in Glendale, so they built a house and moved, in 1926, to 1565 Hillcrest Avenue in Glendale. Bud and his sisters attended Toll Junior High School and Hoover High. where he was the captain of the tennis team. In a history class in high school, Bud met his future wife, Dorothy “Dottie” Lois Jennings. The 1930 US Census indicates that the family was living at the Hillcrest Avenue address. (Bud shows up on a separate page; but, linked to the rest).


In 1933, when the kids were finished with high school, Bud’s parents built their last home on three acres at 5305 Harter Lane in La Canada. The house was a masterpiece! It had a three car garage and a very nice back yard with a patio and rose garden. It backed up to the Angeles National Forest and it had birds, including peacocks and quail, in the back yard.


William Worth Kemps married Dorothy Lois Jennings on November 8, 1935. In 1937 they built their home in Glendale at 1546 Allen Avenue. They lived there for 65 years. Also, in 1937, the first of their three children was born.  The 1940 Census shows them living in the Allen Avenue house with two of their children. They would eventually have eight loving grandchildren. 


About 1931, Bud’s father, William, started an ice cream plant named Beverly Dairies, Ltd., located in Los Angeles, California. Bud, joined the company at the lowest level of employment and worked his way up to become the President. Beverly Dairies, with its Green Lantern Ice Cream, was sold to the Bressler brothers in 1956 or 1957. Bud was known for his financial expertise and advice.


The family vacations included traveling around the west and southwest: camping and fishing, hiking around the high Sierras and the Mojave Desert.


Bud and Dottie were active members of the North Glendale Methodist Church and developed many warm friendships. Later, they transferred their memberships to the Burbank First United Methodist Church and participated in the building construction.


When Dottie retired in 1993, they began taking the extended family on trips to places, such as, Washington, DC, England and Scotland. Bud and Dottie enjoyed attending Dodger games with their friends and had seats in the Founders Circle at the Music Center from when it first opened.


William Worth “Bud” Kemps died on July 21, 2002 at the age of 88 in Glendale, California. He loved the ocean, so his ashes were scattered in the Pacific on the first anniversary of his death. At the time of his death, Bud and Dottie had been married for over 66 happy years.


His eulogy provides additional insights into the life of this very fine human being.


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